Alba Valenciano Mané

Alba Valenciano was born in Barcelona on 9 February 1984. She studied History at Barcelona University. In her postgraduate studies she specialized in Social Anthropology and African Studies. In 2008, she obtained the Certificate of Research Proficiency on the Social and Cultural Anthropology doctorate programme at Barcelona University. Since 2007, she has worked on different aspects of the culture and history of Equatorial Guinea, where she lived for over a year thanks to a Maec-Aecid research grant. She has taken part in various projects to study tangible culture and colonial visual archives, which have produced a dozen publications. Outstanding projects in which she has been involved are the archaeological and ethnographic intervention on the island of Corisco, and the inventory and exhibition project for the Felipe Osá Angüé museum in Bidjabidjan (Equatorial Guinea). Both projects centred on the study of historicity of identities and its relation with cultural heritage. As part of her research training, she spent time in the Usa (Hoftsra University, New York) and in the United Kingdom (University of Liverpool). She is currently completing her doctoral thesis, for which she received a Jae-Pre (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas).