Carlos A. Pita Abad

Carlos Pita studied architecture at the School of Architecture of A Coruña and has a master’s degree in Integrated Projects and Rehabilitation. He has taught in the Architectural Constructions Department of the Etsac since 1997. He is president of the A Coruña Delegation of the Architects’ Association of Galicia and co-editor of Obradoiro architecture magazine.

He has a practice in A Coruña-Spain, where he works on urban planning, architecture and interior design. He collaborates as a construction consultant on cooperation projects in Burkina Faso.

He has been visiting professor and lecturer at various universities and architecture biennials: Xivba13 (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Basica baq2012 (Quito, Ecuador), uic (Barcelona, Spain), the Architecture Faculty of the Siracusa Universitá degli studi di Catania (Italy), Granada School of Architecture (Spain), Reus School of Architecture (Spain), School of Architecture of the Universidad Argentina J. F. Kennedy (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Faculty of Architecture, Design and Art of the Universidad Católica de Quito (Ecuador), Faculty of Architecture, Design and Art of the Universidad Nacional de Asunción (Paraguay), School of Architecture of the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (Spain), and the Architecture, Planning and Design Faculty of the Unr (Rosario, Argentina).

His work has been recognised by various architecture competitions and awards, and published in national and international publications such as Quaderns, Architecture Coam, Arq/A, Obradoiro, av, abc cultural, etc. He is also a regular contributor to publications and blogs such as Architecture Coam, Tectónica, Tectónica Blog and Subterritorios, as well as organizing exhibitions, cycles of lectures and forums to promote and study architecture.