Jordi Rogent i Albiol

Jordi Rogent studied Architecture at the Barcelona School of Architecture (Etsab, 1973) and qualified as an urban planner at the Instituto de Estudios de Administración Local (Madrid, 1989).

He headed the Department of Historic and Artistic Architectural Heritage of Barcelona City Council between 1993 and 2013, and was municipal representative on various commissions related to heritage in general and the urban landscape.

He has worked in the field of urban design, architecture and interior design, specializing in architectural heritage in the areas of protection (special planning, monument declaration, heritage listing), intervention (restoration, rehabilitation, interior design) and dissemination, teaching on numerous postgraduate and master’s degree courses. He lectures and speaks at congresses, meetings and events related to architectural heritage, and has written numerous articles in magazines and books specializing in heritage.

He was awarded the Premio Europeo Città di Terni per l’Archeologia Industriale (Italy, 2003-2004) for his interventions in the Güell Colony and the Premi Fad for Thinking and Criticism for his participation in the book La Barcelona de ferro. A propòsit de Joan Torras Guardiola.